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Game World


A new ICO launched on a new chain simply called "dragon" and Degenerate Blockchain traders couldn't get enough of it. Typical to the Degen nature, no-one read the contract as the notification popped up to buy with their dragon wallet. Upon hitting the accept button, these Degens were sucked into their devices to compete in a tournament to fight for their liquidity.


Town hub
The world of Degens and Dragons is set in a 3D environment Hub Centre where players can walk around to different locations to interact with and play the Degens and Dragons game. Upon logging into the Degens and Dragons for the first time, players are taken through a tutorial that demonstrates the different locations in the world and what each on is used for.
Mint Box
Purchase an NFT to participate in the game's tournament
Well of souls
Burn 4 Degen NFTs that have been eliminated, to re-enter the tournament.
Burn 3 items of the same kind, to reroll for a new item with higher stats
Battle arena
Participate in battles during the tournament
See player scores, tournament phase duration and elimination conditions
Training Dummy
Test their equipped items with no impact on their score