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Battle Gameplay

Initial gameplay footage
  • Upon entering a battle, players are pitted up against an AI controlled opponent.
  • A Match consists of 5 rounds of picking an action to attack the opponent.
  • The player has one of four actions to select from to do damage to the opponent.
    • Attack
    • Spell
    • Block
    • Dodge
  • The opponent will also select an action that will do damage to the player.
  • A score is then allocated for each round based on the difference between the players damage to the opponent and the opponents damage to the player.
  • Damage is worked out with the following considered
    • Each character has 3 item NFT's equipped to their Degen NFT (Head, Body & Weapon) that increase the damage done by each of the 4 actions.
    • The four actions are setup in a rock, paper scissors scenario where having the winning outcome reduces the damage of your opponent income damage by 50%
  • Once all 5 rounds of selecting an action has been completed, the final score will be added to the players total score on the leaderboard.
  • Players can battle as many times as they like during a tournaments phase.