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Degens & Dragons

Official Degens and Dragons Whitepaper, last updated May 2023
Get ready to dive headfirst into Degens and Dragons, the NFT project where you don't need to worry about when you should sell, you just need to not suck. In this nostalgic pixel world that feels like your moms basement (I assume that's where your reading this) the degenerate side of blockchain enthusiasts is put it on full display.
Brace yourself for an epic tournament where degens battle for a juicy slice of a major prize pool. It's a no-holds-barred battle of wits, cunning, and shamelessness. Just remember, in this realm, there are no rules (except there are but I sound cooler writing that) only the thrill of thinking how can i get more than everyone else.
So don't worry about people smarter than you "pretty sure there is heaps" dumping their bags and leaving you with pixelated crumbs. Embrace the glorious mess that is Degens and Dragons.
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